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Life Giving Light — The benefits of light therapy

Photon Light Therapy (PLT) or LED-light skin treatment is a proven anti-aging method used in professional facials favored by high-end beauty salons and dermatologists. The light ejected from specialized LED lights target specific skin issues like Wrinkles and Fine Lines or Acne.

Skincare professionals use light therapy after the exfoliation process and before moisturizing the skin. That way the light has the maximum effect on wrinkles or acne on the freshly cleansed skin. And its rejuvenating effect will work in conjunction with the hydration to complete the replenishing of the skin cells.

LED light treatments were originally developed to aid the healing of wounds, post surgery scars, and damaged skin. But through rigorous testing we have found that the treatment also has a dramatic effect on the rejuvenation of healthy skin. Among the results of light therapy is:


  •   Improved skin condition
  •   Even, brightened skin color
  •   Strengthened contours of the face
  •   Smoothened wrinkles and fine lines
  •   Reducing acne, spots and blemishes


And much more...



    Photon Light Skin Therapy LED Mask — How it works

    The therapeutic light emitted by the LED lights in our special designed facial masks have been adjusted to highly precise wavelengths that are absorbed by the dermis layer of your skin. Inside your skin the cells convert the light to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is what fuels the natural rejuvenation and anti-aging process.

    Without a ready supply of ATP in the skin cells your skin cannot produce Collagen or Elastin which are the core compounds for keeping your skin firm, elastic and looking young — regardless of your actual age!



    Real, Lasting Skin Care Results

    ROEL LED light therapy masks works with your skin’s natural ability to replenish itself. Therefore we do not make promises that results will not come over night, BUT when used regularly you will see long-term sustainable results and get a younger looking and healthy face with visibly reduced fine lines ad wrinkles, even skin tone, reduced pore sizes, and brightened hue.

    Light therapy is a safe and great organic way to take care of your skin. The sooner you start, the greater results you will see. So find the right LED light therapy mask for you in our shop here.




    Roel Mask — The light giving power of light!